Are you an adventurous person? If yes, Leh Ladakh is an ideal place for adventure travellers. There is no subsititute in the valley of Leh Ladakh especially for the other rugged regions of India. This going to be a different experience for tourists, especially from other countries to adventure in this Trans-Himalayan district of India. Leh Ladakh is privileged by monstrous lakes, high altitude ranges, deep valleys and high passes. These nature's appearances set up a phase for a great diversity of adrenaline driving activities.Some of the adventure activities and adventure sports in this region of Leh Ladaks are biking, hiking, trailing, river rafting and more. A large portion of vacationers travel to Ladakh for scaling its rugged landscapes by walking / trekking.

River Rafting

River Rafting is one of the mainstream adventure high adrenaline sports in Leh Ladakh. There no other right destination than Leh-Ladakh if tourist wants to explore the involvement in the Himalayas. Why it’s so famous in India? River rafting in Leh-Ladakh brings you through a pleasant scene. Soaring snow-shrouded pinnacles and navigating over the deep seawaters in the midst of deep valleys is an experience that each rafter would love to experience. Tourist’s ideal season to visit is from June to October.

There are numerous options for river rafting in Leh Ladakh:

• Most thrilling and high adrenaline blood pumpinn river rafting in entire India is Zanskar River rafting
• River Rafting mainly gives an opportunity to enjoy the experience of rafting which can also be done in Indus River.
• If you are beginner into this adventure activity, you should pick the least dangerous upstream from Spituk up to Karu.

Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Jeep Safaris are getting popular among the tourists. This is breaking the monotony of trekking and hiking in Ladakh. This is for those who wish to travel the magnificence of this Trans- region locale of India. For them, nothing else would be more agreeable and favourable than a jeep safari. There are some intriguing spots in Ladakh which are a long way from reach. These spots can be explored either by local people or some brave trekkers and adventure lovers. The unfriendly terrains of Ladakh are not suggested to opt this.
So as to explore the scenes of Ladakh and its wild in the most secure way, yet with the excitement of adventure, one must jump on to the various Jeep safari visits in Ladakh. These characterized jeep safari visits are intended to explore the distinctive scenes like the Zanskar valley, Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri Lake and so on.

Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking isn't just about scaling high passes, mountains or some other geographical adversity. However, it offers you to explore the way of life and heritage of the area. A Buddhist land-living that consist of high channels after each couple of heaps, tough and rough lands that never appear to slacken up and snowy sceneries to freeze up your mind. Therefore, trekking feels like a definitive decision to explore nature's boundaries.
Trekking in Ladakh is the extent of getting a charge out of each alcove and corner of the region. This makes trekking one of the most well-known activity to appreciate in Leh Ladakh.

There are some most conspicuous routes to explore trekking in Ladakh:

• Markha valley trek
• Indus valley trek
• Stok Kangri trek
• Nubra valley trek
• Most famous trek, Chadar trek.

Mountain Biking

If you are an adventure fanatic who enjoys mountain biking or some other extreme action, Ladakh is a suitable place to be. You have to set at a rise of 12,000 ft. Ladakh valley settled between the Karakoram and Zanskar mountain ranges. Ladakh isn't just known for its rich culture and tradition, but also for its adventure activities too. Mountain cycling / biking is definitely one of best adventure activities to explore in Leh Ladakh region. Grab this opportunity as you will cross worlds greatest mountain and have some amazing views of the snow-capped Himalayas.
While biking through the crisscross streets of Ladakh, you will go over a few cloisters and religious residences. Mountain biking is an experience loaded up with heaps of fun and enthusiasm. Yet, the best time to go for mountain biking in Leh Ladakh is from the month of June to August.

Camel Safari in Ladakh

Camel safari is a must activity to do when the visitors visit this place. All you can do and enjoy is by riding on the camel. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all these beautiful sceneries that you may not have experience in your life. It’s a perfect time to take eye- catchy photo and keep that as your remembrance forever. The reason why they organise this camel ride is because not all the countries especially Asian countries don’t have such adventure activity like this. This is also old method for the people those days for transportation or carry things. Moreover, the Bactrian camels have developed as the hot top picks for vacationers. They are very famous in the Hunder valley and Diskit. Safari on these camels will bring you over the charming sand ridges and the alcoves and edges of the valley. These places are hard to be reached on a vehicle.
However, camel safari are prohibited for certain category people like infants, old age people and pregnant ladies due to security purposes. However, those who manage to get on the camel literally feels like a nomad winding in the deserts.


There is no better method to appreciate the wonderful environs of Leh-Ladakh territory than this. You can camp in the wilderness in wide open valleys or adjacent to peaceful lakes. The coldness and the view will just make you relax and enjoy the day. Nevertheless, you’ll get to enjoy and capture the beautiful scenery. You can also get to feel the climate changes in Len Ladakh as their environment is much more relaxing than cities.

Quad Biking

At Nubra valley, one can not only do Camel Safari, one also enjoy driving ATB (All Terrain Bikes) across the sand dunes that Nubra valley has to offer. In company of friends, and open vast sand-land, it only gets exciting to go all out and have fun.

Ice Skating / Ice Hokey

Slowly becoming famous for Ice Skating and Ice Hokey, Leh Ladakh freezes during winter, thus becoming an ideal place for Skating or playing Ice Hokey in natural ice in the open. Lot of campsites have started to offer Ice Skating or Ice Hockey experience during winters and early summers.

Paragliding in Leh

Closest to Sky diving, Paragliding comes closest to the feeling of flying like a bird. Beginners can only do "Tandem Paragliding", one needs to take a full-fledged course and maybe 10 or more tandem flying experience to get a certificate and then fly solo. Done at either River Indus, Leh or near Khardung-la pass, paragliding is not to be missed in Leh Ladakh as it gives one a chance to view the beautiful majestic mountains, rugged terrain, deep valleys and gorges from Sky-high.


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